The Coalition Offers Impartial, Expert Advice in Evidence-Based Reform

How We Can Help

Consistent with our nonprofit mission, we offer brief expert advice, without charge, in three general areas:

  1. Sponsoring or carrying out rigorous evaluations of program effectiveness.
  2. Assessing existing evaluation studies to determine if they comprise credible evidence of a program’s effectiveness. We systematically monitor and review the literature of rigorous evaluations in all areas of social policy, and maintain a comprehensive internal database of studies and programs reviewed. We are happy to share the results of such reviews and/or examine new evaluation findings, upon request.
  3. Developing evidence-based provisions for legislation, government grant solicitations, and other policy documents.

We provide quick-turnaround assistance, via phone or email, that is practical and easy to understand. To begin, please contact us as shown in the right sidebar.

Illustrative Help Desk Users

  • Policy officials seeking to build evidence and/or use evidence about “what works.”
  • Researchers seeking to identify key items to get right in a rigorous evaluation, to ensure it produces valid evidence.
  • Program providers seeking to have their program evaluated in a credible manner.