Low-Cost RCT Competition Message Board

We are hosting this message board as an optional resource to facilitate partnerships among the parties that need to come together to apply for an award – e.g., researcher, social service agency, and data agency, as described in the Request for Proposals.

This message board may also be used to connect individuals who have promising ideas for low-cost RCTs that they do not wish to carry out themselves with others who may wish to conduct the study.

Individuals seeking others to partner with may submit a message for posting to Kim Cassel (email) that includes the following:

  • A short summary (no more than one page) of what you seek to contribute to an application, and the type of partner(s) you are looking for; and
  • Your contact information (for potential partners to reach you).

Messages will be posted below as we receive them.


Non-Profit Seeks Expert Researcher, posted January 17, 2014

Researcher Seeks U.S. Social Service Provider, posted January 21, 2014

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